EDGT's online tutorials and tests are designed to teach or review important concepts, principles, information, and skills needed by healthcare professionals who are preparing to deliver safe and effective healthcare to individuals. Our tutorials are easy, interactive, and fun and include colorful graphics, animations, games, and clinical application activities.
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  EDGT's online tutorials are primarily designed for students and practicing professionals of the nursing profession. However, some are appropriate for the other healthcare professions as well.
 · If purchased by an institution, there are no limits to the number of users. Each tutorial comes with three years of free access.
 · If purchased by a single-user, access is limited to one user for a period of one year.
 · Users have access to the tutorials at any time, from any location, using any computer system.
 · Minor updates and corrections are made continually at no additional cost to the buyer. Major updates can be purchased at a reduced cost.
 · Test results are stored in databases on the EDGT servers and are accessible for later user or instructor retrieval and review.
 · Learners are provided with the correct answers and rationale to all practice and test items.
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Sample Online Tutorials
    Basic Principles of Pharmacology, Version 2.0
    Be Drug Wise: Psychotherapeutic Meds, Version 2.0
    Physiology and Assessment: The Respiratory System
    Management Skills: Effective Delegation II
    Math Magic for Meds II: Dosage Calculations
    Medication Maestro: Giving Oral Medications
    Medication Maestro: Safe Medication Administration
    Promoting Wellness Series
    Test Master: Improve Your Study Habits
    Strategies for Problem Solving
Current Online Tutorials
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Current Online Tutorials
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