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  Students and Single-Users:
 · Can take the online tests at any time, from any location, using any computer system.
 · Can repeat the online tests as many times as they like.
 · Receive their test results immediately onscreen at the end of each test.
 · Receive a detailed explanation of their test results onscreen including the number correct, the number incorrect, their answers, the correct answer including a rationale.
 · Are encouraged to provide us with feedback about the current tests and offers suggestions for additional test topics.
 · Can take the online tests for evaluation purposes.
 · Can see their own test results, which are separate from those of their students.
 · Can retrieve all of their students' test results in an easy to read format and print these out if desired.
 · Are encouraged to provide us with feedback about the current tests and offers suggestions for additional test topics.
  All online tutorials come with a set of tests designed to reflect the material presented in the tutorial. Scores are always recorded for these tests and are available for viewing by instructors and students. Online tutorials also include practice tests which contain questions from our entire EDGT test database. However, scores are not recorded for the practice tests.

If you are only interested in the tests and would like to have scores recorded for the practice tests, you can purchase our Testing Bundle which includes all the tests from all the tutorials and the practice tests with all scores recorded.
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Current Online Tutorials
    Basic Principles of Pharmacology
    Home Health Nursing
    Management Skills: Effective Delegation
    Math Magic for Meds: Dosage Calculations
    Medication Maestro: Giving Oral Medications
    Medication Maestro: Safe Medication Administration
    Promoting Wellness: Bipolar Disorder
    Promoting Wellness: Depression
    Strategies for Problem Solving
Current Online Tutorials
  Unless otherwise specified, most of our products run online and, thus, an active internet connection is required.  
  Pop-up Windows/Cookies:  
  EDGT uses pop-up windows and cookies for several operations such as account access, creating tests, viewing tutorials, and taking tests. Pop-up windows and cookies must be enabled for the EDGT site.  
  Internet Explorer 6.x or Netscape 7.x  
  Operating Systems:  
  Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Mac OS 9.x, and Mac OS X.  
  Flash 7 or greater.  
  Screen Resolution:  
  1024 x 768 (preferred)
800 x 600 (minimum)
Current Online Tutorials
  Getting Help:  
  EDGT’s technical support team will provide you and/or your students with assistance in signing on and using any of EDGT’s online tutorials. If you experience any difficulties in using the EDGT web site, please send an e-mail message to us at

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