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Registration Instructions For Students

Students are classified as users who will be using EDGT through an instructor at a school or institution that has already purchased access to EDGT Online. In order for students to gain access to the tutorials and tests purchased by their institution, they must first register on the EDGT website. The registration process is a one-time-only process that creates a student account for the registering user and links them to their instructor and school. During the registration process, students provide a username and password that will allow them access to their account.

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Student Requirements:

The student registration process requires a Student-Access-Key. A Student-Access-Key should be given to the student by their instructor. During the registration process, the Student-Access-Key will automatically link the student to their instructor and give them access to the tutorials and/or tests. Once you have your Student-Access-Key, complete the registration process following the steps listed below. If you do not have your Student-Access-Key, you will have to contact your instructor to have it issued to you.

Student Registration Steps:

TIP: When you return to the EDGT website, you will need to use the username and password you designated during the registration process.